Bill in US Senate aiming to permanently end aid to Pakistan | World

WASHINGTON: US Senator Rand Paul will be introducing a legislation seeking a permanent ban of $2 billion civilian assistance to Pakistan.

The bill recommends redirecting the said funds, amounting to $1.28bn from the State Department and $852 million from the United States Agency for International Development to the Highway Trust Fund.

Congressmen Mark Sanford and Tulsi Gabbard will be introducing companion legislation in the US House of Representatives.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump endorsed the move to block civilian aid to Pakistan when Senator Paul announced his plan to introduce the bill earlier this month. “Good idea Rand,” Mr Trump tweeted.

“We fail our responsibilities to protect our country and properly steward taxpayers’ hard-earned money when we support countries that chant ‘Death to America’ and burn our flag,” US Senator Rand Paul said in a statement issued by his office. The statement pointed out that President Trump also supported the proposal.

The introduction of the bill is only the latest effort by Senator Paul to end US assistance to Pakistan.

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